1095-C Information Page

Form 1095-C
Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage
As required by the Affordable Care Act, the State of New Mexico (SoNM) produces a 1095-C form for full-time, benefits-eligible employees receiving health insurance benefits through the SoNM. The form is a detailed report regarding the employee’s enrollment in medical coverage during the previous year.

The SoNM is to provide employees with this form by January 31, 2018; however, the IRS extended that date to March 2, 2018 (please see communication link below).

Please note that the enrollment information reported on 1095-C relates only to medical coverage – enrollment in dental or vision programs is excluded and not required.

It is NOT NECESSARY for the employee to wait for the form in order to file their taxes.

If the form is not received by March 5th or if the employee feels the information is incorrect, please call the 1095-C dedicated help-line, 505-827-0109, and leave the following information: your full name, employee id (if you know it), contact phone number. The help-line is checked daily and employees should expect a call within 24 hours.

For more information regarding Form 1095-C, please visit the following websites:
Internal Revenue Service’s Q&A’s regarding the 1095-C (click here)
Link to IRS Extension Notice/Guidance (click here)

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