All recordings are in MP4 format and can run on most Windows Media compatible players:

• 01-17-23: HR Meeting – Omada by Cigna, 1095 Reporting Information, HR Reminders (print) (recorded)

• 09-21-22: HR Meeting - New Hire Effective Dates, Re-Instatement of Benefits Upon Return from Military Leave, 2022 Open Enrollment, and HR Reminders (print) (recorded)

• 06-21-22: HR Meeting - CVS News and HR Reminders (print) (recorded)

• 05-17-22: HR Reminders - Employee Benefits Bureau Health and Well-Being Portals & HR Reminders (print) (Wellness Programs)

• 03-15-22: HR Meeting - Employee Benefits Bureau Basic Life OPR Training & HR Reminders (print) (recorded)

• 02-15-22: HR Meeting - Admin Guide and Reminders; 1095-C, Job Data Entry, & COBRA Compliance (print) (recorded)

• 01-18-22: HR Meeting - Admin Guide and Reminders; POP, 1095-C, New Hire & Qualifying Events (print) (recorded)

• 12-21-21: HR Meeting – Admin Guide and Reminders (print) (recorded)

• 11-17-21: HR Reminders – Admin Guide (print) (recorded)
• 10-19-21: HR Meeting – Admin Guide (print) (recorded)
• 9-22-21: Active Enrollment 2021, EyeMed Network Access, SHARE Bio-Graphic Enry (print) (recorded)
• 8-17-21: Admin Guide Updates, EBB Website Update, Active Enrollment 2021, and HR Reminders (print) (recorded)
• 6-15-21: FSA Information, HR Reminders, LPB Billing Process (print) (Caption Log) (recorded)
• 5-18-21: Self-Pay Premiums and HR Reminders (print) (recorded)
• 4-20-21: The Hartford-Death Claim, Process to Cancel/Change Voluntary Benefits, Waiver of Premium Life Insurance, Wellness, and HR-Reminders Updated (print) (recorded)
• 03-16-21: Line of Duty Entry, Individual Premium Payments, Voluntary Benefits, and HR-Reminders (print) (recorded)
• 01-19-21: HR Meeting: New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority; 1095-C Documents-State Agencies; Prior Year Refunds (print) (recorded)
• 12-15-20:Education Trust Board of NM, Telehealth Visits, Disability, Voluntary Benefits, HR Reminders (print) (recorded)
• 11-17-20:Worker’s Compensation, HR Reminders (print) (recorded)
• 10-21-20: Wellness Programs, Cigna, 1095-C Documents (print) (recorded)
• 8-18-20: ADR Introduction, Basic Life Premium Update, Library Training through EAP Solutions (print) (recorded)
• 7-21-20: EAP Introduction, Military Leave & HR Reminders (print) (recorded)
• 6-23-20: COBRA Fundamentals, LPB Transmittal Form, and Benefits Acknowledgement(print) (recorded)
• 5-19-20: FSA-Special Qualifying Event, Retro-Termination of Benefits, Enrollment Form, and HR-Reminders (print) (recorded)
• 4-21-20: Time Entry Recording Refund Requests EAP Video Visits Resources HR Reminders – April 21, 2020 (print) (recorded)
• 3-10-20: FSA Direct Deposit Options, Guidance Electronic Enrollment – March 10, 2020 (print) (recorded)
• 1-14-20: ACA 1095 Forms, Supplemental Life Premiums, Flexible Spending Accounts (print) (recorded)
• 12-10-19: Qualifying Events, Reinstatements, Settlement Agreements, Job Data Entry, and FSA (print) (recorded)
• 11-12-19: Managing Benefit Premiums for Employees on LWOP, FML, and Workers Comp (print) (recorded)
• 10-9-19: Workers Compensation HR Training Event (print) (recorded)



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